Why Do Over 500 Dealers Worldwide Choose Evo Remap as Their File Supplier?

    We are a leading global company, and regardless of your location, our high-quality file services will elevate your business. Discover why:

    Licensed file service

    We develop our solutions using licensed software, ensuring a professional and fully manual approach.

    Wide range of solutions

    We have thoroughly tested solutions available for 99% of vehicles, including cars, trucks, heavy machinery, and more.

    Excellent support

    We not only create files but also provide our dealers with quality support to assist them in addressing any issues they may encounter.

    Quality remapping

    Our remapping/chip tuning software is developed on our in-house dyno rolling road, delivering remarkable power and torque increases while ensuring the complete safety of your engine and gearbox.

    Over 20 years experience

    We're no newcomers to this industry – our extensive experience and numerous tested solutions speak for themselves.

    Genuine equipment

    We offer genuine hardware interfaces such as Kess v3 and Flex in slave versions for our dealers.

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